Spider Viewer 2021-09-18: Add handy Dashboard & JSON Tree Viewer

Demo carousel: opens new file of different type every 10 seconds

Spider Viewer

Link to always latest release: https://ladybug.tools/spider-2021/spider-viewer

This release adds many new features - not all work or are fully operational - but there’s a lot to explore here.

And there is more on the way. For example this release includes a first pass at adding indications of the locations of sensors.

  • Dashboard ~ Adjust: view, scene, model and statistics

    • Four buttons to click
    • Touch each button for pop-up menu with more choices
    • Not all choices fully operational or debugged
  • JSON Tree View

    • View JSON files a tree view
    • Very simple code
    • Help text throughout
    • Search and highlight facility
    • Button in right-click pop-up menu takes you to its entry in the JSON tree

Current development focuses on Honeybee JSON. In a week or so, development will return focus to gbXML - adding the new simpler speedier parsing and display algorithms and more


IT EMBEDS :star_struck: NICE!!
Super stoked for this

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Thank you for the happy comment!

I plan to be coding for showing sensors and monitors and then turning results,txt files into visible output. I have never done this before, so keep your fingers crossed I figure it out.

On any case: what can I do to speed up anf improve your workflow?


I have plenty of faith you got this!!