SplitMass Tolerance

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the SplitMass component in Honeybee to create core and perimeter zones for a randomized geometry. For some shapes, I get an error that “The script has failed to create one of the zones because of a tolerance issue. Try changing your Rhino Model’s tolerance (probably try increasing and recompute the GH definition to generate zones correctly.”

Increasing the absolute tolerance to 0.08 gives a single zone, but anything less than that gives the above error with some zones missing. Since the component is generating some perimeter zones and a core, I know the zone is deep enough where I shouldn’t model it as a single zone, but there doesn’t seem to be a sweet-spot in between. Has anyone else come across this issue?



Randomized Form.gh (452 KB)

Bump! I have the same issue in the new version of Ladybug


SplitMass has limitations when it comes to complicated geometries. Sarean is working on a new version but you can always use Grasshopper native components to create one that can handle your form.