Stability of Example Honeybee Files in Dynamo


I am trying to create an optimization using genetic algorithms with Honeybee, but first I need a simple solar analysis to run smoothly for multiple iterations. I have the sample file 02_daylight_factor_gridbased running reliably, (says new users cannot upload attachments?) but only if I close and reopen Dynamo every time I run it. Is it possible I have something installed wrong, or does this happen for everybody? Thanks!

Hi @jrthill, Welcome to the forum.

What is the error message when you run the script twice?

If you have access to Grasshopper I strongly recommend to use Honeybee plugin for Grasshopper for optimization studies.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t get an error message, the simulation just doesn’t run. For example, if I change the window height in Revit and run it again the results stay the same, but if I close Dynamo and open it up again and run it with that new size, then it will show updated results. I need to do this with Dynamo instead of Grasshopper because I am using Project Refinery for the optimization. Have you been able to use other example files to run a grid based daylight analysis with Dynamo and honeybee? Thanks!