State of charge for PV electrical storage

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I was wondering whether there is a way to have some analysis about the state of charge (SoC) and charge and discharge curves for batteries used for the rooftop PV panels in HB photovoltaic and HB electric load center or any other component.

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Analyzing the state of charge (SoC) and the charge/discharge curves for batteries in rooftop PV systems is crucial for understanding the performance and efficiency of the energy storage system. While Honeybee and Grasshopper provide a platform for energy modeling and simulation, specific analysis of SoC for batteries might require additional tools or plugins.

From the search results, it seems there are studies and models that focus on the economic and performance aspects of rooftop PV systems with battery storage. These studies often include analysis of SoC, charge and discharge behaviors, and their impact on the overall system performance. For instance, some research presents mathematical models to optimize the performance of PV systems with battery storage, which includes the SoC of the batteries.

If you’re looking for a way to integrate such analysis into your Honeybee and Grasshopper workflow, you might need to look for specific plugins that can handle electrical storage analysis or consider developing a custom script that can process the data from your PV system simulations and calculate the SoC and related curves.

Additionally, you could explore software like Solargis Prospect, which is used for solar PV system assessment and performance evaluation, as it might offer insights into the SoC for batteries in different conditions.

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Thanks very much for your information.

Are there any components and plugins that can be joined with Ladybug tools/Honeybee to provide information about the SoC of batteries?

or is there any OS string, etc. that I can adapt knowledge about the batteries, details, and SoC?