Stochastic Occupancy Schedule for Offices

Hello everyone,

I produced stochastic occupancy schedules for office rooms from real monitored data. The model that I implemented is from the reference paper which can be found here: A generalized stochastic model for the simulation of occupant presence
I used occupancy data from monitored offices at the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory. The database can be found here: A multi-sensor office-building database for experimental validation and advanced control algorithm development .

I share the .CSV file resulted from the implementation of the model, the picture visualizing how I imported the values of the .CSV file into Ladybug using Honeybee_create CSV Schedule, and the visualization comparing stochastic with default schedule for occupancy (ClosedOffice building program).

StochasticOcc_Hourly_room204LESO_mu03.csv (25.7 KB)

You can use this stochastic schedule for your works and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask.



Thanks for sharing this. This is very useful.