Storage result is too much

hello everyone
I run my analysis and this is the result. I think storage is very much.
is it ok or I have to change some setting in my inputs
it is in the hot and arid climate

Looks like you didn’t add the other load inputs (solar, lighting, surface energy) to the Balance component. For example:

yes, I didn’t connect the lower parts.
thank you Saeran
if you have any good source for learning this part, I will be thankful for sharing it.

i tried it but it didn’t change

Check out the sample files that came with your Honeybee download. There should be an example of how to construct a proper thermal balance in their.

You can also check out this Hydra script that shows how to build it using the legacy components, the logic is the same, and the components haven’t changed that much for the actual balance portion: Hydra Viewer

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thank you Saeran. and I will be thankful if you have any addresses for how to interpret energy simulation results.

and another question:
when I want to use optimization for the energy use of the building, should I use absolute component for Heating and Cooling results? because the outcome of cooling is negative numbers. so when I use to minimize energy use, I think the cooling part acts reverse.

so is it true to take the octopus to absolute of results?

Yes correct, take absolute. And the beauty of the thermal balance is that the positive/negative thermal energy components tell you if each add/subtract to the mechanical cooling and heating.

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