'str' object has no attribute 'type'

Hi everyone, I’m beginner with Ladybug and Honeybee and right now just involving with “Getting Start Tutorials” of both. Everything was Ok until I started to set up a sample scene for using HB and Daylight Simulation and I got “‘str’ object has no attribute ‘type’” error on the component.

I’m pretty sure I have installed everything correctly and latest versions. Even searched for the problem but couldn’t find the solution. There is a JPEG file of the definition attached and the error in it.

"Geometries used in the scene are Rhino default geometry (for Surrounding buildings) and GH baked geometry (for the building of interest).



_DAYSIM-4.0.0 Installation File





I would be glad if anyone can help. Thanks.

You probably need to reinsert the red component.

In case it doesn’t work, upload your file with geometry internalised.


Hi Abraham. I just reinserted inputs with no success (Same error again).

Here is Gh file with internalised geometry and the .epw file for IRN_Mashhad that I used.

IRN_Mashhad.407450_ITMY-hour.epw (1.4 MB)
HB Start Internalised.gh (490 KB)

You are missing the _analysisRecipe component. You are attaching a sky type instead of a recipe. You need to decide what is the analysis you need to perform and choose the proper component. See group 4 in Honeybee tab.

See attached for an example.


HBStartInternalised_AY.gh (512 KB)