Strange Illuminance Level in Each Floor


I am conducting daylight analysis, and I want to have illuminance level for the second and third floors of my model. As you can see in the first picture, the illuminance level of the second and the third floors are different while the windows of the both floors are exactly the same.

So I decided to see what happens in the illuminance level in windows surfaces of the whole building. The second picture shows that the illuminance level of the windows of each of the facades are different in each floor, which it is really strange for me.

I attach the file here
Helia For (763.8 KB)

Would you please help me to solve it?
Thanks for your consideration.
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Hello @htaheri,

Have you unified the min and max values in all your scales?. If they are not the same, then the color schemes you see might be misleading.



Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have identified the legend higher and lower bounds.