Strange issue with Ladybug Sunlight hours analysis

Perhaps there is something I am doing wrong but I found this issue with the Sunlight hours analysis:

When doing the analysis on a Brep I get:

However with just a surface I get this:

I have attached my GH file with the geometries internalized, please give me any pointers on what I am doing wrong and if this is a bug. (521 KB)

Hi Anton,

  1. I believe your test surface and context were very far from each other.

  2. Context was not supplied to SunlightHours component

  3. Grid size was too big.

Except that everything is good.

-Devang (525 KB)

Edit: Grid size was too big for meters. For millimeters, it was fine.

Devang, anton and i were working on this together (he submitted this for me). the issue is that when the base plane is a mesh or surface plane the analysis does not work. as soon as i feed a closed brep into the analysis (same exact location and grid size) the analysis works.

I continue to run into this. I am also noticing that this analysis struggles with multiple breps.

I might add that in this file i can get the example geometry to run just fine as well

the 10 meter grid came from a much larger area being analyzed… the surface still returns no result (0) but when the same surface is thickened to a brep it returns 9 full hours of sun

i suspect there might be something to do with too far from the origin. will report back soon with my findings.

update: moving the project closer to the origin seems to be fixing the issue… the danger of using base information based on GIS data…

update: moving the geometry closer to the file origin resolved the issue

Glad it worked out!