Strange pattern in HB Daylight factor


I get some very strange patterns/offsets in my daylight factor results. Anyone seen these before? My results also does not seem to be correct. I would expect a lot more daylight just inside the windows than what is visible at some analysis points.

Regards Ole

This is LB 1.5.0, by the way.

Hi @og, I’ve seen this before and for me it was an ambient resolution problem. You can plug the Ambient Resolution component into the additional_par_ input of the Radiance Parameter component.

It might also be worth considering how large your context is and if it’s really relevant - I think one of the reasons a higher -ar input is needed is due to the size of the model + context. The smaller your total model size the lower the -ar input needs to be. To find out more you might need to look on the Radiance forum, the pdf below by John Mardaljevic is also quite useful


Thank you, Charlie. This solved my problem.

Regards Ole