Strange ReColorMesh results when baking

Hi! Does anyone have an idea why I get this result when baking with the ReColorMesh component? The meshes look fine when previewing in Grasshopper, but I only get these lines when baking them (using the bakeIt option) – both the meshes and the legend look like this. It has always worked fine before, so it seems to be something specific to this simulation – but I cannot find out what…

Hi Daniel,

Can you please share the grasshopper file?

Sure! (373 KB)

Hi Daniel,

Checked baking at my end. Works fine. I used the meters template in Rhino wth 0.0 tolerance.

Works fine for me as well!

Oh, I just tested in a blank document, and it worked for me too. So it must be some render setting/problem in the Rhino document. I tried different settings, but no luck.

Anyway, now I have a workaround. Thanks!

…and if anyone knows what might cause Rhino to render meshes/hatches like this, let me know :slight_smile: