Strange results from split2Zone component

Sorry to bother you guys, but it’s the split2Zone component again.

  1. I got the following strange roof surfaces for the 1st group of breps which are just 4 simple cubes:

  1. I recreated the 4 cubes and imported them again, this time the roof surfaces are correct, but some floor surfaces are missing from one of the breps:

  1. It seems the split2Zone component produced some strange “zones” for this brep:

Image 24

May I ask the why the outcome of split2Zone is not consistent across identical geometries? and how to prevent this kind of problem?

Thanks. (534.3 KB)

Hi Ji,

This appears to be a bug that is caused by square footprints. You can try extruding one of the vertical faces by a small amount and you can see that it’ll work. I’ve identified the cause of the problem, but I’ll have to spend some more time with it to figure out how to fix it.

For now, I’ve made a note of it in our ongoing discussion about this component in github:



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@Grasshope, try updating your Honeybee components and trying this again. It should be fixed, but let me know if it persists!


Yes, @SaeranVasanthakumar, this component works correctly now.

Thank you very much for the fix.