[suggestion] add surface incident solar radiation in the read surface result component

can I suggest to add the Surface Outside Face Incident Solar Radiation Rate per Area [W/m2] output variable to the readEPSrfResult component so that we can get the irradiance value of the surface we want to study, e.g. windows for BiPV related investigation?

Currently, it seems that when this output variable is added to simulationOutput, the readEPSrfResult component is unable to read the result file and consider this variable as “otherSurfaceData”.

  • Ji

The following is what I encountered:

  1. add Surface Outside Face Incident Solar Radiation Rate per Area [W/m2] output variable:

  1. This output variable is generated in the result file for each surface:

  1. However, the readEPSrfResult component cannot recognize this variable:

  1. Nevertheless, for unknown strange reason, I’m unable to reproduce the above warning for this test file later, and it seems that this variable can be read by the readEPSrfResult component, for now…

  1. I got the same warning in other GH file I’m testing which included the surface irradiance as output variable. So, I’m not sure why the warning is not consistent across different files …

Appreciate if you can kindly advise.

test_v03.gh (624 KB)

two copies of the readEPSrfResult components reading the same result file, one can read correctly, whereas the other got a warning… strangely …

Has anybody encountered similar issue? Quite frustrated as it doesn’t make sense …

Hi Grasshope,

This is indeed very strange. I will let Chris know about this. He knows better than I about this components. If he ended up being busy I will take a look.



I’ll need a bit of time to investigate the strangeness but I think it results from the fact that I have already built the surface result reader to automatically import transmitted solar energy, which you see is an output that you can request on the Genrate EP Output component:

and is meant to come in on the Read EP Surface Result component:

The incident solar energy must be messing with the functions that process the transmitted solar energy and I’ll try to correct his when I get the chance.


Thanks, Chris.

It seems that if the Surface Outside Face Incident Solar Radiation Rate per Area [W/m2] output variable is included in the simulation, readEPSrfResult might be able to read it correctly the first time, but once I copy and paste this component there is the warning: