Suggestion for upgrade the weather data source of Epwmap

hi,@mostapha @chris
EpwMap is powerful website for weather data searching and download. I knew Epwmap contained the weather date from onebuilding.Recently added many city’s climate data,especially 1000+ Citys in China. So I suggest Ladybug team upgrade to this newest weather data.

Here is the link:


Hi @minggangyin, Thank you for the note. We are in touch with Dru and Linda who provide the weather files on Currently we have to parse their website every time that they upload new files and because of that we are always behind. We should come up with a more efficient solution to ensure we keep epwmap synced with onebuilding weather data.

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In the words of Dru 12 days ago:
“Might want to wait a few weeks. We’re in process of finishing up Europe.”

Maybe we will do an update of epwmap once they finish this large addition of European files.

@mostapha, just working on this last night.
This the result csv that has what EPWmap needs.

Still working on the part of live monitoring the onebuilding website updates. Maybe auto-check its update news once a day??

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Hi Chris - I’m sure you guys have your hands full but perhaps it’s time to revisit this one?