Summarize the data results for each building of URBANopt into a CSV file

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After running URBANOPT, data files are generated for each building, is it possible to summarize this data into a CSV file to represent the total building load data for the region?

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Sure but you’ll probably have to be more specific about what type of summary you are looking for. Do you just want the total EUI of the district? Or do you want timeseries data?

It may be worth reviewing this video series, which generally shows how to analyze energy results using Grasshopper and the LBT components:

Thanks, I will review this video again. I would like to be able to get the total load data for the time series (i.e., summed over all building loads hour by hour).

In this case, this video may help:

But you’ll essentially request hourly results from the simulation instead of monthly ones. It may take some time if you have a large model. And you can use the LB Dump Data component to write the hourly data collections into a CSV.

It may also be worth noting that URBANopt has it’s own native summary CSV report that it can produce in the scenario folder whenever you run one of the postprocessing components (eg. the REopt component). This will likely be faster to produce than your own data collections but the schema of this URBANopt summary CSV is fixed and so you won’t be able to get timeseries data of any EnergyPlus output this way.

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Hi @cong_boy ,

A while ago I uploaded a simple GH file to export results from the simulation output file (SQL) to an Excel sheet using TT Toolbox: How to combine data

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