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I am working on a parametric shadow analysis of the group of buildings by using Ladybug tool Sunlight Hours Analysis. So basically it gives me realistic, but too good results. Therefore I am aiming to add an extra condition to it, which I think for an amateur user quite challenging task.

However, I was wondering if it is possible to include to the analysis one specific condition, which excludes or sorts some Sun Vectors when they are parallel or within a range of 0 to 29° to facades. I attached this condition where shown why i need that. On one hand i understand why it is not included, that such data has to be obtained after precise interior analyis, but on another hand such aproximate exlusion of some minutes for winter hours can be crusial for a general facades analysis. ( The analysis run for nothern Germany, where according to the inofficial “regulations” an exposure of the facades to the sun have to be minimum one hour for Winter season 17th of January (or 4 hours for Spring (21st of March), therefore 30min of exposure could be 15min in real and percived as not applicable for living).

I will be glad for any info, suggestion or help.

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P.S. Somehow my file also does not react to GridSize Unit.

Conditions.pdf (12.8 KB) (1.8 MB)

This can be done by post-processing the results. Sunlight hours analysis has an output which is called isSunVisible. You can get the output for each hour for each test point in a separate branch. Now all you need to do is to add a normal check between the sun vectors and normal vector of each test point and replace the ones that happens in a lower angle with 0s, and then you will have your desired results.

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Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I will try that method, but after post-processing I will receive desired bunch of numbers and points. I can’t imagine how to represent such updated results in the same hatch-colour stile. Any suggestions? :smiley:

Recolor mesh component will help you with that.

Amasing! I will try it. Thanks a lot!

Hi again! Sorry for bothering you again, but I managed to extract my conditional vectors. Now I am struggling with Recolouring. I understood the requirements for inputs, but can’t pull them back after sorting. Logically can’t grasp it :cold_sweat: Could you please have a look?

Nika (1.9 MB)

Can you please internalize relevant geometry in your GH file?

It is internalised, just preview is off. I attached here once more, just in case :slightly_smiling_face: (1.9 MB)

You will need to go to branches and replace the results as per your condition. The result will have to have 2701 values.

The number of _analysisResult should match the number of faces of _inputMesh. You only filter out the _analysisResult which caused the two parameters now to have different number of values. What you need to do here is also filtering the original mesh as well, in order to have a match between _inputMesh & _analysisResult.

Highly recommend to use the MeshExplode component, very helpful when you want to mess around with your results.

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Thanks a lot to everyone! I will try it :+1:

That helped very good. Thanks for the advise!