Sun path and radiance analysis

Hi Eveyone,

Radiation Analysis_and_Sun Path (773 KB)
Radiation Analysis_and_Sun Path SP.3dm (453 KB)


I’m quite sure it is becouse you set the highBound to 0.75, which is quite low for your analysis period.

Question: Why don’t you use the LB_GradientLibrary component instead of the native GH Gradient? Is much more flexible … and nice.

I also recommend to update to last version.


What is LB_GradientLibrary, I don’t know.

And do you know what’s happenning whit the radiance simulation that the sun position it is in one side, and the high radiance (yellow) on teh oposite side of the sun (like picture)?

LB_Gradient: Look tab 5 (Extra) in Ladybug. Just beside the legendPar one.

As for the other question: You are calculating radiation for an analysis period from June through December. Your sunpath is showing only one sun position. No relation between them.


What Abraham said!

In Ladybug and Honeybee, and generally in Grasshopper, each component works only and only based on the data that is connected to the component and there are no global values. Which means you can draw the sunpath for a location and run the analysis for another one! If you want the radiation analysis to match the sunpath you need to generate the sky for the exact hour. Use HOY input on selectSky component to input the hour.