Sun shade calculator error

Hello everybody,
I use sun shade calculator. The error is :“Solution exception:iteration over non-sequence of type Brep”.

Please kindly help me to answer my question! I am looking forward to your helps!
Thank you very much in advance!!
ladybug shade (572.4 KB)

You didn’t internalise context_ geometry in GH file. But It works for me without context.

Checked your file and it is basically working for me. I tried Rhino 5 (Runs without any problem, besides @OmidmRashidi’s comment on the missing context) and Rhino 6 (Giving some warnings that i need to check sometime soon, but it is also working).
Rhino 5:

Rhino 6

Attached an updated file.
Check the white groups. The one on the left, connecting centers to origin of sunpath, was causing to calculate multiple times the vectors, which is unnecessary. I fixed this and leave only the core geometry for that purpose.
ladybug shade (586.9 KB)