Sun shades calculator error:"solution exception: exception Point3d, got NoneType"


I try to use sun shades calculator, and it always show “solution exception: exception Point3d, got NoneType” or “No enough intersection points to calculate the shading surface.”

I downloaded the example file through Hydra:
SunShadesCalculator (
I tried to use the original components in the file. Also, I replaced all the components with those from ver1.7.0 (except for the Sun Shades Calculator itself). Neither of them worked.

Meanwhile, I tried Shading Designer file through Hydra, and it can run smoothly. I think there were no missing files or errors during my installation of Ladybug.
Shading_Designer (
I install ladybug tools through pollination, the ladybug tools version is ver1.7.0, including LB-Legacy (ver0.0.69)

Is there any method to solve the problem of sun shades calculator, or there are
any new alternative to use?

Thank you!

The sunshades_calculator is not ported to LBT. It needs to be overhauled for that.
Please upload the script you are working on for debugging (or even better, a simplified version of it).

Do you mean the .gh file? (490.1 KB)

Sorry for the delay.
The problem was caused not by the component but by the wrong link to the EPW file. Like so:

The sun vectors output was Null and that’s why it didn’t work. Once you provide a valid link, it works fine.

Edit: Looking at the error you mentioned above, it means that you tried to use a Shading Surface to calculate on it the cutting geometry. If that surface didn’t intersect any of the sun vectors it gives you this error, that BTW is a warning (orange color).
The fie you uploaded was the one in hydra and not the one you get the error.