Sunhours analysis""

hello,there is some question when i doing the sunhours analysis.Below is the picture,you xan see there is error on the corner of the architecture.How can i solve it.

Hi,@flywindy Welcome to Ladybug community .
According to my experience,Maybe the surface direction of the corner is not faced to outdoor. You should check it and flip it.

@minggangyin Thank you for answering my question.I have checked it when the analysis is finished,and also fliped it ,but the problem still exist.

@flywindy Try to use smaller grid-size to calculate the corner only. Or you share the link of your model, I can help you check it .

@minggangyin Here is my GH file.Thank you for helping me.场地节能分析.gh (628.6 KB)

@flywindy Your model used the same brep for geometry and context. If there is no other building near your model, you can set blank for context. During the sunhour analysis, ladybug will consider the shade of geometry itself.
Here is the right result for your model.

@minggangyin xcellent, glad to figure out the problem. thank you very much.

By the way , Do you come from china? noticed your name.