Sunlight Analysis: Consecutive number of hours

Consecutive hours of (454.1 KB)

Hi everyone, I understand the sunlight hours analysis component can calculate the total amount of sun over a period of time, I was wondering if there was a way to be able to calculate only when the amount of sun is consecutive? For example, if testing every 30 mins over one day, how to count if the geometry had 2 hours (4 consecutive counts) of direct sunlight (eg. 0900, 0930, 1000, 1030. As opposed to 0900, 0930, 1300, 1330).

I figured if I could test for a consecutive amount of “1’s” in the sunisvisible output I could dispatch the pattern back through the analysis mesh to find the successful meshes. I’ve attached my script, any help would be greatly appreciated, will be closely monitoring this post. Thank you.