Sunlight Analysis!


I’ve been trying to run a sunlight hours analysis on my model but the first time it happened, my roof didn’t get any sunlight and the next 5 times, they have crashed! Is there something wrong with my grasshopper/rhino model (attached below)?

Thanks in advance (2.98 MB)

Can you share a simplified model that can recreate the issue? The all blue surfaces are either happening because all the surface gets the same amount of sunlight hours or the normal of the surface is reversed and it doesn’t see the sun!

Hi! I decided to remodel in a simpler form.

However, I have this problem with the surface towards back end of my stadium (the block directly opposite the shortest block). The curved surface doesn’t seem to be absorbing any sunlight! Please help! (439 KB)
Simplified Model.3dm (259 KB)

Hi Alvin,

Please find attached.


Omid (484 KB)

Perfect! Thank you so much!