Sunlight Hours Analysis - Averaged Daily Sunlight Problem

Ladybug has been doing wonders for me so far. I want to create a specific output for my Sunlight hours analysis model. I’m looking at the growing season and I want to model the average hours of sunlight for each day in the growing season. I’m looking at the average data tool but I can’t figure out how to incorporate it.

I’m also looking to output only 4 colours:
6+ hours of exposure daily
4-6 hours of exposure daily
2-4 hours of exposure daily
0-2 hours of exposure daily
Can I get the resulting mesh to only 4 colors in these categories?



This is possible by post processing the results. You can use Ladybug_Branch Data component to separate the results based on date and then average the value. Similar question has been asked on the forum before.

For having 4 colors it is currently a bit tricky but again possible. What I usually do is to replace the values with 4 values based on the range and then use recolor mesh. You can also use cullFace to create 4 separate meshes and color them as you wish.

Thanks for the reply! I’m new to ladybug and grasshopper. Do you mind elaborating a bit? or link to those similar forum questions. I’m still a bit unsure as to how to go about achieving this.

See this one for an example:

PS: If you share a simple model it will be much easier to help. It might mean some extra time to prepare the model but will result in saving time eventually as it will be much easier to help you with your problem. See forum guidelines: Ladybug Tools Forum Guidelines, Cheers.

2018-10-18_Sun (415.8 KB)

Thanks! I’ll take a look at that example. Here is my file. The legend parameter is at 6 because that’s where I started when trying to figure out how to measure the first 6 hours of sunlight each day, although I didn’t get much past that… and I’m guessing now the legend param has nothing to do with the output I’m trying to achieve.



2018-10-18_Sun Hrs (425.6 KB)

Hey, I’ve been playing around with this file and I’m getting closer. I was wondering how I would integrate the recoloring mesh with visualizing this data?

2018-10-19_Sun Hrs (416.8 KB)

Hey Mostapha, I have the average hours from the branch data component but I still can not figure out how to relay this information so I can export a mesh that reflects the daily average sunlight hours over my specified period. Sorry for so many questions, this is new territory for me.