Sunlight hours - legend with integer/rounded off hours


We started using Grasshopper and Ladybug in the architecture office where I work and we encountered an issue when doing a Sunlight Hours analysis. We tried to do sunlight hours analysis in four different times of the year (21 March, 21 June, 21 September, 21 December).
In the results we get, two things do not really work

  • The number of hours of sunlight per facade appears with decimal numbers (1.1, 2.2, 3.3…) and we would like to have integer/rounded off numbers
  • The range of hours in the day we analize changes with the season (0-11 in march and september, 0-8 in december and 0-13 in june) and therefore the colours change in a way that these four analysis cannot be compared between them anymore. How can we have the same legend and colours in all of them?

I attach screenshots of the four seasons and the script, let me know if you need the files itself.
Sorry in advance since we are beginners so there might be some mistakes.

Thank you,


Use the legendPar componet and set the low/high bounds inputs as you need.


Thanks for your reply AbrahamYezioro,

I can´t figure out how to do that though. I attach a screenshot, lower and higher numbers are set to 0 and 10. Maybe this is not what you meant?

Thanks again,


@aina.coll.torrent Use ladybug component - legend parameter