Sunlight Hours Self-Shaded Area


I am quite a beginner in ladybug.

I am trying to do self-shading analysis on a textured surface. When I use “sunLightHourAnalysis” on a freeform single surface, then it works properly. I get a total area of the overall mesh and a total area of the exposed meshes to the sun.

But, when I change the freeform single surface by a textured surface then it results in a list of areas of both the overall meshes and the exposed meshes to the sun.

Could anyone please help me !!

I was attaching the files. (411.7 KB) (423.1 KB)

Hi @IasefMdRian,

Reading this might help you post a file.

Try again. Now you should be able to attach your file.

Thanks a lot…!!.. Attached the files…

Please just flatten the sunlightHoursResult by right-clicking on it and that should fix it.

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Thanks Devang !..its working :slight_smile: