Sunlight Hours Strange Result

Hi All,

Following are some images from Sunlight light hour analysis. I wonder why am I getting shading for buildings in the northern part of site if the sun is not going behind them. Can anyone point out what am I doing wrong here please?


Strange Sunlight (425 KB)

Hi Devang,

I think i get why you are getting what you say.

You are applying twice the north definition when you connect it both to the sunpath and to the sunlighthours.

The sunpath transforms the sunposition once and this is the new position that you should take for the calculations. When you connect the north rotation to sunlighthours you transfor once again the vector for the sun.

So you need to have it connected only once, and i suggest doing it to the sunpath. In this way the viewFromSun will give you a meaningful information.

Makes snse?



You’re spot on. Thank you very much. Saved me today.