Sunlight wavelength vs intensity(heat)in london

Hello I am trying to analyse the radiation or light wave distance vs intensity - maybe creating a chart to see the the units?

I have done the chart of sunpath and radiation but how may i find out the length and intensity at certain time?

[please see images and a skecth of what i have done already and please advise on to make it calculated?

Thank youuu :slight_smile:


Need to find out the intensity and distance from floor to floor within the building

some google image to help… please advise?:slight_smile:



Why don’t you do a Radiation Analysis? You’ll get the radiation per m2.

Or maybe i’m missing something in your question?


hmm… I am trying to set the sun position and test the temperature of sun arrays heating the edges of the buildings - to find out hot and cold areas. see images please. does it make sense? Please

please advise;)

The truth is that i still don’t understand what is the problem you want to approach.

For surface temperature maps you’ll need to use HB+E+ simulations and ask from MRT results. You can find example(s) of then in the hydra.