sunlightHoursAnalysis and converting the result to square meters


I have a problem I hope is quite simple, but I can’t seem to find a solution to it (or anyone else with the same issue).

We have a script to analyse the sunlight hours on a surface. For this surface we want to compare the number of square meters with 5 or more hours of sunlight to the number of square meters in our buildings. My problem is sunlightHoursAnalysis outputs points, and even with a analysis grid size of 1, there are more points than square meters. Anyone have an idea how I could convert my results to square meters?

Regards Ole

this example on Hydra should help you

Thanks for the tip, but is that an accurate way of calculating this? I might misunderstand, but does this not give a percentage of the test points? With an even distribution of test points I could use this value to convert to square meters, but there a loads more test points along the edges of the surface. Would this not skew the result?


Could you please share your minimal version of your Grasshopper file?

There are solutions to create uniform grids and input them to Ladybug sunlighthours analysis. See this discussion as an example: None Uniform Grid

Your understanding is right. The output is number of points and the solution works for uniform meshes however you can always multiply each result with the area of the mesh face and get the area-weighted results.

Thank you, Mostapha. I was able to make this work with a grid.

Regards Ole