SunlightHoursAnalysis: issue with the color gradient from SunlightHoursMesh

Dear Ladybuggers,

I have noticed a issue with the color gradient Mesh, out from the SunlightHoursAnalysis component.

I have analyzed a very simple surface, (I attached the file), and my focus is on the part of the surface that is hit by the direct sunlight below 240 min.

as you can see from the image, the area below 240min does not reflect the range of the legend (>180 - <240), because I realized that the color between the two ranges starts to change about 30min earlier.

Same speech, the orange color range (>300min), does not start at 300min (as set) but about 30min earlier, at 270min.

If I do the test with only 2 colors, then the result is conform to the analysis (Grey <240min | Green >240min)

Is it a desired thing? is it a modifiable thing? because if I show this result, they will never believe that that result of the analysis reflect 100% the legend. (524.6 KB)


Didn’t check your file, but … remember that the colors in the legend represent a range and not an exact value. The box you marked with the arrows represent the range between 180 and 240. So for me makes sense what you get.
I’ll recomend using the LB_MeshSelector component, where you can see exactly what parts of the result belong to the values you want.

Sorry dear Abraham,
the mesh out from MeshSelector, which should be a light green (according to the legend) is almost entirely yellow.

Best regards

I detached the lower and higher values from the legendPar. What i get (and you too) makes sense: the mesh geometry BELOW 240. Isn’t it?

That is a little less marked and visible, but I need always to have a fixed low (0min) and high (480min) Bounds.

I am aware that to have a gradient color, the change between two range must occur a little earlier of the bound, but I notized that with a segment of one hour, the change does it in the middle of the range, and in some situations, like my first image, the result is a little misleading.

I just wanted to point this out.


Maybe you can try your own color scale and maybe with less colors than LB’s. I would try also to change the number of segments in the LegendPar.
In order to save time (your calculation takes quite a few seconds) i will plug the results to the recolorMesh component and make the tests there.

Dear @mostapha,

I noticed the same problem mentioned in the post.

As you can see, the line indicates the area only for the first hour (0 to 60), but the color corresponding to that range (Dark blue), reaches roughly the 60% of the outline area, because the gradient change much earlier.

I want to ask your opinion.