SunPath error with solar time and a time step of every min

Hallo Dear Ladybug Community,

I have a question about the SunPath component.
I noticed when the SolarTime option is active, I cannot analyze with a 60 minute time step (sun for every minute), at most with a 2 minute time step. But work without the AnalysPeriod component.

This error come out: math domain Error

am I doing something wrong?

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This is very strange, the error is only with the 21 March, works with the other days and months
I attach the file, for those wishing to consult it quickly (473.5 KB)

Thanks for narrowing this down. Looking into it.

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I narrowed it a bit more. At resolution 45 it still works. 46 doesn’t.

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Hi @Sonny.Weaver,

I think error is because a math approximation with python and gh. There is a formula like this: math.acos((A) / (B) inside sunpath. I image something like this is running in your case at some point: math.acos(1.00000001).
If you modify formula with math.acos( round(A,5) / round(B,5) ) it works.


Grazie Antonello,
I don’t have the knowledge to change the code. I’ll wait in case you find the solution.
Thanks for your time.

Kind regards

@AntonelloDiNunzio was right on spot.
The error is happenning in the LB_LB component at line 1565. It looks like this:
self.solAz = ((math.acos(((math.sin(self.solLat)*math.cos(self.zenith))
If you change it to this (like Antonello suggested) it works fine:
self.solAz = ((math.acos(((math.sin( round(self.solLat, 5)) * math.cos(round(self.zenith, 5)))
Attached the file. @Sonny.Weaver, please report at github so @mostapha, @chris, or someone else can make the change in the code. Otherwise is not much use to the whole community.
-A. (488.8 KB)

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Many thanks Abraham,

I have never opened a report on github. I have to create a new post here


Yes. This is the place to report bugs or ask for wishlists.

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Thank you for reporting the issue, @Sonny.Weaver . And thank you @AntonelloDiNunzio , for identifying it as a floating point tolerance issue and @AbrahamYezioro for the fix. And sorry for being so late to this issue. I just added Abraham’s fix to the code base:

Thank you all!

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Hey All, having the same issue as above. Not sure what the issue is.
Im a new user so i cant upload the example gh. so im going to explain it.

Analysis period node set to default > sunpath analysisperiod input
TimeStep = 1

EPW for Ottawa Airport
lady bug and honey bee flying

ERROR = SolutionException: Math Domain Error

I followed the sun exposure example file.