SunPath results

Hi all!

I would like to ask you some question regarding the SunPath simulation through LadyBug.

Is it possible to run this kind of simulation referring only to one particular facade?

Because i have tryed to do that using the LadyBug_SunPath component and giving the center of my facade as the centerPt input, but i still receive results when the sun is, let´s say, on the back of the facade…It seems as the component doesn´t consider the normal of the facade.

I attached the image to show you better what i mean.

Is it possible to have the result of the sunpath (Azimut, Altitudes…) just referring to one precise facade?

Thanks a lot in advance


The sunpath alone will not do that for you.

You want to cull all vectors that are not hitting the facade. The workaround is different for that …

I’ll try to build something for that but can promise it will be soon.


Hi Abraham,

thanks a lot for your answer and your work! Hope to see it soon :slight_smile: