Sunpath Shading crash

Dear All

Hello! I want to get solar power.
To include the influence of shadows on the sun,
I want to use the Sunpath Shading component, but there is a conflict when I run it, so the rhino is terminated.

Can I know the solution? Thank you.

Probably @djordje can give some light here.

Hi @JaeWon.Kim ,
Is it possible to attach your .gh and .3dm files?

Pressing Boolean turns off the rhino and creates CrashDump files on the desktop.
Thank you for your answer.
Sunpath Shading (421.9 KB)

Thank you.
I ran your definition on my Rhino 6 SR21, Windows 10, and it works without issues:

Thank you for your kind reply. I am using the rhino 7 and it seems to be my computer problem…

I don’t own Rhino 7, so I can’t test it at the moment. What is your PC configuration?

I’m running R7 and it works just fine:


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@djordje @AbrahamYezioro
Window 10, rhino 7 , Ram 16GB , graphic card= Intel IRIS PLUS

I don’t know why there’s a conflict. Maybe it’s my computer program, but I can’t figure out the cause.

And there is no problem with other components.

Hello! I finally solved the error I posted last time. It was resolved after the liner update.

Can I ask you a question?

We get solar power generation based on PVwatts, but can’t we put a series or parallel effect here?

Or am I not finding it?

Can you give me an answer?

Thank you.