Sunpath Solution Exception:Math Domain Error

Hey guys,

I’ve just downloaded ladybug plug-in to do some sunpath analysis , when i connected epw location to ladybug_sunpath _location , it show up error report : Sunpath Solution Exception:Math Domain Error.

the report shows:

  1. Current document units is in Millimeters
  2. Conversion to Meters will be applied = 0.001
  3. Runtime error (ValueErrorException): math domain error

line 1565, in solInitOutput, “”
line 1598, in drawDailyPath, “”
line 1625, in drawSunPath, “”
line 437, in main, “”
line 713, in script

Any idea why this might be happening ?


Hi @Evan . Please update your ladybug tool using ladybug update component. Slide on to canvas and toggling that to true. Restart and it should work fine.

Thank you very much !

it works for me !

Thanks for the correct answer @Asisnath and I just wanted to link to the official answer posted here:

It’s odd that everyone suddenly got this error after years of it never surfacing. I have to imagine that there was some update to IronPython with the latest Rhino or something like that, which suddenly made this an error whereas it previously was auto-corrected. In any case, it’s all fixed now.