Supporting Schedule:Compact

Hi @Chris and @mostapha,

I was wondering if there is any plan for future (or any tricks for now) to use EnergyPlus Schedule:Compact class.

I tried a trick but I failed. I copy-pasted EnergyPlus schedule dataset (which contains compact schedule objects) into the userCustomEPLibrary, called them and assigned to the time-varying parameters of the zone. It looked like it worked, but as the syntax was ruined in the process, the model could not be simulated anymore.

I personally find Schedule:Compact much more efficient and easy to understand. It would be also very convenient with Honeybee to understand the whole schedule in one panel.


Hi @farhang.tahmasebi,

We should fix the parsing and ensure the syntax is written to idf file correctly. Can you share an example that fails. If I remember correctly the structure of Schedule:Compact is no different from the rest of the EnergyPlus objects.

@mostapha, I found the problem: The original schedule dataset in EnergyPlus installation package has lines that represent two EnergyPlus fields, like this:

Until: 06:00,0.0, !- Field 3

In such a case Honeybee loses the second field.
I could easily solve the problem by re-saving the schedule data set in IDF Editor, so that each field will be in one line. But, I also share the model with the problematic input string in case.

Farhang (545.9 KB)