Surface BC: constant temperature


Is there any simple solution to set surface boundary conditions to have a constant temperature?

I have my zone in question (an atrium) in-between two apartment zones that are assumed to have a constant temperature of say 21°C. Hence, I would prefer modelling only the atrium with BC’s as a constant temperature rather than adiabatic.

If there is a way to give a whole zone a constant temperature, this would also be fine; I would then just model up these apartments on the side.


  • Lasse

Have you searched the forum? There should be a similar discussion. You can overwrite boundary condition for surfaces and then use additionalString input to add additional data if needed. There is currently no component to do that.


I’m having some trouble understanding you case here but it may be helpful to know that the default “ground” boundary condition assumes that there is a constant temperature of 18 C on the exterior side of the surface. You can change this temperature with the “Honeybe_EP Sim Par” component. Just set 12 values that are all the same for each month of the year.


That would probably be exactly what i would be looking for. Thanks!

I can be quite hard as a rookie to know what and how to do. I also have trouble getting the right results out of my simulation…

I hope you can be ready with a user start guide of some sort at some point. :slight_smile:
Trial and faliure with Youtube is not very effective for me. hehe.

But thanks.

  • Lasse


I’ve tried as you say, but this overwrites all of the ground temperatures throughout the model. That’s not a favourable solution IMO.

I’d like to simulate one single zone. 1 of the surfaces is connected to the ground; 2 of the surfaces should be set to a constant temperature of 21 deg (as these are apartments which I assume to have a constant temperature as these are not in focus).

So I’m looking for a fourth option to the EPBC_ input in ‘createHBSrfs’ that says ‘constant temp.’ or something similarly instead of just adiabatic, outdoors or ground; it’s neither of those.

  • Lasse