Surface View Factors in Legacy Components...results not making sense!

going back to some legacy scripts and noticing that the Ladybug Surface View Factor Analysis results just aren’t making sense. Curious if something changed in Rhino 7 that might have made the legacy components stop working…or it could just be something I did!

I’ve attached some generic test scripts, with the overlayed data labels on the test points representing the view factors for the exterior wall glazing…when i run the script, each test point has a view factor of 1.0, which does not make sense for this layout. Currently no context connected but i’ve experimented with many combinations and still getting off results.

any insight appreciated!

@chris @mostapha

Surface View Factors (494.4 KB)
ViewFactorTest.3dm (154.7 KB)

getting OFF results using the legacy Honeybee View Factors scripts too…

what results should look like per Hydra thumbnails:

what results look like with no changes to Hydra script:

Hi Josh,

I’m having similar issues with the legacy Surface View Factor component. I’ve looked into the native IsoVist Ray component for calculating the Surface View Factor but that isn’t perfect either I’ve found.
Currently, I’m looking into using Radiance to compute Surface View Factors, but any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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apparently, it’s a Rhino7 issue and if you still have Rhino 6 installed then the legacy Ladybug/Honeybee surface view factor components will work as intended…i unfortunately do not have Rhino 6 anymore.


I’ve managed to use the honeybee-radiance view-factor CLI command and wrote a little GHPython script around it.
Attached the Grasshopper file. See it as a proof of concept, but use it as you wish.

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View Factor proof of (32.1 KB)