[Survey] Building Energy Simulation and Optimization

Dear community,
I’m a PhD Student and I need responses to this survey from users of Building Energy Simulation softwares to help me advance in my thesis.
The survey only takes 3 minutes. Thank you for your time!

Shortened link to the google forms survey: https://forms.gle/nHJYKCfunHZdntCp9

You can re-enter the link and edit your responses at any time until the survey ends on Friday, November 1st, 2019.
Best regards,

Hi @SamElyas, I pinned the topic so it gets more attention. Please set your profile picture. Cheers.

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Dear Mostapha,
Thank you very much! That helps me a lot!
Best regards

Hi @SamElyas,

I have a paper with results from a similar survey that might interest you.
(It’s more focused on Grasshopper.)
I’m also currently working on a more extensive version of this survey.



Hi @thomas.wortmann,
I’m very interested thank you, I’ll take a look at the results and the way you presented them.
I long to see the results of your upcoming survey on a larger scale as stated in the conclusion!
Best regards,

Here’s the link to the post with my own survey, which is more focused on optimization.

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I answered the survey,


The survey has ended.
Thank you to the all the participants who’ve completed the survey.
Special thanks to @mostapha for pinning the topic, that was very helpful.

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