System out of memory exception for HB Read Face Result


I would like to have indoor and outdoor face temperatures for my model in HB. The model is large with over 250 thermal zones. The consumption energy profiles and EUI are so precise.

However, when I tried to have HB Read Face Results, an exception was raised: System.OutOfMemoryException.

Do you know or have any idea how to tackle the challenge?

Thank you!

Hi @behnammmohseni,

I have never seen this issue before. When you check the resources on your machine, does it look like it hits the memory limits? The easiest way is to use a more powerful machine.

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Hi @mostapha

Thank you for your response. Here is the CPU usage screening as follows.

It does not show that use the full capacity of the single core. I would appreciate it if you would kindly let me know what does memory in the raised exception mean.

I have a more or less powerful machine, 32 logical core with 64 Ram. With the HB OS engine is very fast and also with the DF Urbanopt is so quick, in 5 minutes, since I use 20 core of my machine.

Thank you so much Mostapha.

Hi @behnammmohseni - Thank you for the screenshot. The memory is the one to check but I can see that’s also not maxed out.

Can you share the sqlite file with us to try to recreate the issue?

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Thank you very much Mostapha, you are great:)

Do you mind if I email you the file? since it is too large (1.15 GB zipped EP SQL) and this forum does not accept to upload this kind of large files.

Thank you very much.

If you can upload it somewhere online and share the link with me and @chris we should be able to have a closer look. Thanks!

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Many thanks Mostapha. You are so kind:)
I sent my repository file to you and @chris
I would appreciate it if you could kindly let me know if you are able to download and see the file.

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Thanks, @behnammmohseni . I was able to donwload your 2.5 GB eplusout.sql file and I can create the error on my end:

Similar to you, I am not maxing out my whole system memory (though it goes up by ~5 GBs or so). It seems the failure is happening during the CLI call we make the the core libraries. Given that this uses cPython 3.10, this part might already be as optimized as we can make it. I am running a test now to see if IronPython 2.7 in Rhino does any better. The process is bound to be slower this way but maybe it will work.

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It seems the process succeeds with IronPython:

Albeit after 8 minutes. I’ll see if I can make an adjustment to the component to use IronPython if the file size is REALLY large.


FYI, @behnammmohseni ,

I have made some changes to that component, which enable it to load all of your Face level results from the SQL:

The updated component should be available with the LB Versioner in an hour or two.


Fantastic @chris :slight_smile: Thanks very much for your time and for updating the component :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks very much @chris and @mostapha . You are two of the best developers I have seen in energy