Technical question re linking Vimeo tutorials to slack

Hi Folks

I am looking at moving all my environmental science class online. We will, I hope, be using the Vimeo subscription much more than previously. As part of the zoom-enabled class I am looking to link in SLACK ( as a means of sharing class-wide notes about the LB/HB experience and as a means of tracking how far through each tutorial people have advanced. What puzzles me is that when I try to link the ladybug tools videos from the vimeo “Manage videos” menu item, I cannot see the LB/HB provided videos. There seems no way to add them.

The following is the Vimeo instructions for SLACK. When I go to “Manage videos”, as suggested, I have nothing to manage, because I have personally not created any videos:.

Hi @MichaelDonn, we will look into this and get in touch.

Cc: @chris

@MichaelDonn ,

Do I understand correctly that you are trying to embed the video in a slack page so that people can watch the video within the slack interface? If so, I know the reason, which is that all of the videos have only been labeled as embed-able in the website right now. We can add your slack page to the list of permitted websites if you confirm that my understanding is correct.

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Hi Chris.

Sort of.

As a newbie to the Slack system, I was keen to cross reference the Vimeo videos because we could develop a class chat and note taking remotely using this. I thought though that the Vimeo app plugin was designed just to reference/link the videos. I presumed they would still log into the Vimeo site, but their progress in terms of time of use, notes etc would be collated by Vimeo. I did try the embed code, in a slack ‘page’ as well. As you guessed, that did not work either. That seemed like it was basic slack functionality, so would not, as the Vimeo plugin to slack promised, track usage and link notes to the individual video…

Sorry for the delay - in today’s digital world, I ‘responded’ via email on my phone to your message within an hour of you sending it. The server has just now bounced my email… I will try to remember to do things via the web interface.

And thanks for the assistance