Temperature Analysis

Hi all,

I need to analyze the indoor temperature of my zone in comparison to my outdoor temperature because in Brazil we need to verify the compliance with the design requirements of NBR 15.575 standard performance.

I need to get a graph that shows during all the day how my indoor temperature behaves in relation to the outdoor temperature.

So my doubt is how could I get those graphs?

Thanks in advance

An energy model will give you hourly indoor temperature values.

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Hi @libner.melo,
You can use this workflow. May be you don’t want to follow the last steps to plot PMV. It shows how to get the zone temperatures. Once you get those temperatures comparing with outside drybulb temperatures will be a matter of using 3D Chart I believe.


i suggest you to use only the typical day as is in nbr 15575, and not annual period
do not forget than the ventilation resource


Thank you both @devang and @vinicius_petrucci a lot!