Terrain: can I just push a DEM matrix into the INX?

If I’m up to date, it seems that the terrain generator is still not functional… is that true?

If I have a raster, why not just build an ascii matrix of elevations and dump them in the XML? I copied and pasted and it seemed to open in Spaces OK. Couldn’t this be done easily in grasshopper?

PS., I tried to join the envi-hq board but never got a response.

Hi @ivandaniel,

Dragonfly envimet has a terrain functionality. You can connect a single surface to “df envimet terrain” and generate a DEM.
Yes, you can use your approach. Did you test it with a 2d model or a 3d detailed model?


@AntonelloDiNunzio – The terrain I want to digitize has sharp changes in elevation, so a nurbs surface can’t approximate it.

I used a spreadsheet to invert the order of rows in the matrix and round to integers.

So I guess my question is: am I crazy to try to sim this canyon? I am consistently getting errors about dividing by zero.

Hi @ivanhyphae,

based on your suggestion, I have just added possibility to add a closed mesh directly to achieve a terrain with sharp changes: