Terrain Generator elevation.txt error

Hi there!Is there anything I can do about this situation.I really tried hard and couldnt find it.Please help me to solve this issue.I will be very happy if its gonna work.

I faked elevation.txt to be found in the path.But both ways didnt solved it.

You need an APIkey to make it work @Queenzeppp. and you are working with version 0.0.063 update your components to the lastest available.

Firstly thank u so much. Secondly i work with Rhino 5 Can i Download the latest version of Ladybug?Will be any problem ? and where i can find api key ?so sorry that i dont have any profession about it…

Where can I find Phyton for Rhino 5 and grasshopper 0.90076?

I handled it thanks ! where can i find API thats the latest question how can make Ladybug to get compatibled with Google Earth?