The error about HB energy use intensity

Today I connect sql to HB energy use intensity. It returned 1. Solution exception:database disk image is malformed. Anyone met this error? And how to fix this error?

I ran into the same problem and it turned out that I had 69 buildings and this component only read the first 16 results. When I told it to read only the first 16 results or any 16 results that were filtered out, it worked fine and didn’t report any errors. I think there might be something wrong with the components.

hi @huloujun
Please upload some screenshot about your problem.

I have already closed the simulation and deleted the result files, so I cannot provide screenshots. However, I have a new discovery: my disk is out of space…

As pointed out by @huloujun, the lack of disk may be the key issue. If the simulation fails to write relative files to the disk, it may damage to the entire .sql file. It is recommended to clear up some disk space before rerunning the simulation.

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