The error about Open studio CLI after updating LBT from1.3.0 to 1.4.0

Dear users and developpers of LBT

I got the error about openstudio.

I updated LBT from 1.3. to 1.4.
In addition, I updated Openstudio and Radiance to the latest version.

When I run a simulation with the gh file which does work well before I uploaded, “HB model to OSM” say an error “1. Solution exception:Failed to run OpenStudio CLI”.

So what should I do next?

Can anyone help me?

Thank you and best regards

Hey @Take_JD ,

You would usually get a more detailed message about what specifically went wrong with OpenStudio for this case. So the fact that you aren’t getting anything indicates that something bigger went wrong. Could you upload a Grasshopper file that recreates the issue?

@chris I am having the same problem.

My grasshopper file is here: (658.4 KB)

HI @Justin_Shultz ,

Your file has too many external dependencies in it and too much going on for me to be able to recreate the issue on my end. But I see that you are using a custom Measure (and a massive one at that, which it looks like you did not write). Generally speaking, measures can easily cause OpenStudio CLI fail if you don’t use them correctly.

I believe the only measure I was using was the OpenStudio Report HTML. I’ll remove it at see if that solves the problem.

What dependencies are being used? I thought the only ones used in the file are LB/HB/PO.

The measure is one dependency that I don’t have on my system. There were also a a few other Grasshopper plugins being used in the definition that I don’t have installed.