The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face: Aperture_0fd25106

hello everyone
I am trying to model this project parametrically (window). when the angle is 0, everything is ok but when I change the degree, I face with this problem which is titled below:
“1. The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face:

PS: I know the aperture must belong to parent face but I want a solution to investigate the window parametrically. Thanks in advance (132.4 KB)

@AbrahamYezioro Hello Abraham, sorry to disturb you… I am sure that you can help me with this issue…

The surface you want to assign as a window is not co-planar to the wall surface. That’s why you get the error. HB doesn’t know who to assign the window. Changing the rotation angle to 0 (in this case) the problem is solved (see yellow group in the attached).
If you want the window to be co-planar to the wall you need also to rotate the wall itself.

I’m suggesting an alternative (blue group) where the window can be parametric and not hard modeled. The problem is that it defines windows on walls that I’m not sure you are interested in.

Hope this helps.
-A. (149.0 KB)

Dear @AbrahamYezioro
Thank you for your reply and file. Actually, I need a window (like the image below) to be rotated parametrically. The file that you presented, I am not able to change the degrees and orientation. Also, in this file, you considered both surfaces as window but I need the upper surface to be a window. Please let me know if you have any solution for this because my project has been stoped because of this issue…