The geometry connected to the polygon doesn't have a single boundary (there are holes in the model)

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble reading therm file: display error for

Geometry connected to_ polygons does not have a single boundary (there are holes in the model) .
3 | You will not be able to simulate the model as connected.
Check the probRegion output of this component to see the places where the holes are.
Note that air gaps in your model can be represented with a polygon having an ‘air’ material.

The boundary ’ Interior’ could not be matched with the rest of the connected geometry and is therefore being
left out of the exported THERM file.
5 | To include it in the export, make sure that this boundary’s geometry is flush with your the edges of your
_pol ygons.
6 |The geometry contains voids or overlapping regions。
The edges surrounding these regions will be highl ighted in red.
You must fix this problem before simulating. Regenerating Boundary Conditions may correct this in
some cases . Model geometry and Boundary Conditions need to be properly defined before a calculation can be
per formed.
And the material I gave is casual (I don’t know if it has an effect on the error)
(Would appreciate anyone who would help me take a look!)
My documents are attached below:

grace.rar (1.0 MB)