The LadyBug to LadyBug icon is not seen

Hello, I am a beginner learning Ladybug analysis on Youtube, but I found that the Ladybug I downloaded did not have the Ladybug icon as in the tutorial. May I ask if there was any mistake in my downloading process?I know this is a basic question, but I would appreciate it if you could answer it.

The tutorial you are watching is for the legacy version of the plugin. If you downloaded the latest LBT they have updated a lot of the processes. In the latest versions (1.2.0 etc) you do not need to let ladybug fly anymore, so this component is not included.


The Component you are searching for is missing (miss downloaded or you didn’t paste the file), so you should update your ladybug tools to the latest ladybug version which is Ladybug 0.0.69 and Honeybee 0.0.66 [Legacy Plugins]. Here you can download the latest legacy version and they are matched with available tutorials.

Where can I see the instructions for the new version ? Many input is different from tutorials…

I just found this tutorial on youtube but I have never watched it and cannot vouch for it.