The latest version of programs needed to run Legacy Plugin a.k.a Legacy Plugin Compatibility Matrix

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently opened some simulation file I have made with legacy plugin on different pc some time ago and noticed that my current PC is not able to run it.

Thus I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the necessary tools according to the installation guide from thefood4rhino and LB wiki. However, it is still unclear, for me at least, even though I’ve spent more than a day on the forum just to be able to run hydra example file successfully.

The issue is that compatibility matrix doesn’t provide Legacy plugin related information.
Therefore, I am asking what is the latest tools that support Legacy plugin for you guys?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Hey @Amartuvshin ,

Legacy was a bit of a mess in terms of our versioning and compatibility with the engines but you’ll find the closest thing to a Legacy compatibility matrix in this topic:

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Thank you Mr.Chris,

I’ve actually decided to rewrite the whole code using only new LB component since it was almost impossible to run a legacy file on a new/different PC.

Have a nice day!

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