The !Name of BuildingSurface in .idf file

Dear Community,

I am trying to add EMS strings to the “add_str_” input of the HB Model to OSM. I need to know the names of the surfaces so that I can define the Sensor or the Actuator. But the name of the surfaces will change every time I run the simulation. A random string will be added at the end of the “Name string” I have given to it in honeybee.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
Thanks for reading this post and any feedback will be much appreciated!


Yes, by default, we add a unique sequence of characters to the Honeybee geometry objects because people build large models with Honeybee and, in these cases, people rarely have the time to label all geometry uniquely.

For special cases like this where you are using additional strings to add EMS behavior to an individual object, you can use the HB Set Identifier component to override the default IDs assigned to the aperture objects there. Just pass the apertures through that component before you add them to the rooms and they’ll have the exact _id that you specify in the resulting IDF.

Hi, @chris .Thank you and I’ll try though.