The new plugin has been developed in the Ladybug Tools

The new plugin has been developed in the Ladybug Tools by Antonello Di Nunzio and enables users to to convert Rhinoceros 3D designs to ENVI-met model areas and run ENVI-met simulations without directly opening the ENVI-met software.

This makes the usage, especially for architects who commonly utilize Rhinoceros 3D for their designs in the first place, much easier.

Many thanks to Antonello Di Nunzio for making this component collection available – all the hours of hard work have really paid off . Antonello will publish the new plugin on Ladybug Tools forum and LinkedIn in the evening.

Is that right?

Is the accuracy of the simulation in this plugin equal to the Envi-met software?

@sahar68 The answer is yes. What you talked about is dragonfly plugin. Dragonfly just convert rhino geometry to envi-met,not changed the settings

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Thank you for answering

Hi @sahar68,

Yes, Dragonfly legacy has:
a) components to create INX file of Envimet. It works only with 3d detail models.
b) some basic components to manage SIMX files.
c) a component to run simulation directly with envimet_console.Envimet software is in charge of all calculation part.

I will continue improve it and following updates of Envimet developers.

Thanks @minggangyin for your answer.



Thank you for answering